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If you perform live on stage, NextPage will make you a better musician. Leave the anxiety of turning pages and all those heavy binders of music behind. NextPage puts all of your music at your finger tips in a simple, easy-to-use app for your iPad. Create your set lists, mark up your music, and when performance time comes, enjoy yourself and just play.

Version 3.0

The long-awaited update to NextPage is finally here. The easy-to-use design has remained the same, but an all-new set of features has been added to help you rehearse and perform even better.

NextPage is a free download, so you can can try it for yourself and see why so many use NextPage as their music manager of choice. With an in-app purchase, you can fully unlock NextPage and access all of the features.

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Organize Your Music

After you’ve converted your paper scores into PDFs, NextPage can import them from iTunes, Dropbox, or iCloud and present them to you in an easy-to-use searchable list. You can add information about each song, such as key, tempo, artist, arrangement, and more.


Create Set Lists

Once your music is in NextPage, you can arrange songs into set lists for rehearsal and performance. As you reach the end of one song, NextPage presents you with the first page of the next song, eliminating all of the headaches of changing music when playing live. Set lists can be reordred by simply dragging the song titles around.


Easily Mark Your Music

NextPage provides just the right tools for you to mark your music with important performance details. A full-featured text tool, multiple shape tools, freehand drawing tools, and a collection of over 50 musical symbols are all at your disposal.


Jump Multiple Pages With One Tap

Ever had to turn multiple page to repeat a section? Use Page Links to make that jump anywhere in a score with just one tap.


Rearrange Pages on the Fly

When your band leader or conductor wants to do things differently, changing the page order of your music may be just the ticket. NextPage will let you rearrange song pages in any order, delete pages you don't want, or duplicate pages so you don't need to page backwards.


Performance Metronome

The precision NextPage performance metronome has two modes, one designed for practice/rehearsal, and the other for performance day. The "full" mode allows you to quickly and easily select tempo and rhythm patterns, and whether you'd like a visual or audio indication, or both. The compact "mini" mode is designed to quickly show you the tempo at the start of each song and then automatically fade out of view.


Audio Player

The NextPage Audio Player allows you to assign music from your iPad's Music Library to any of your songs and then play along with them when you're trying to figure out rhythms, dynamics, and riffs. The "Last" button lets you quickly repeat a section of the audio as many times as you'd like.


Import and Backup

Import your song PDFs from Dropbox or iCloud. Back up all of your set lists and markups to Dropbox and easily restore them when you buy a new iPad.

And Much More...

NextPage is packed full of easy-to-use features for making you a better performer.

Download and try NextPage today for free, and see why it's the choice of serious musicians.